On Intention:

The Intention page builds off all of the other pages. This time there is no red text but hovering over the bold text will highlight red. Clicking will remove everything but the bolded text and leave one red character. Rearranging, by dragging, them will spell "wait".

The trick here is that there is nothing that you can do to complete it. You've seen that you need to build off each expeirence, put thought into finding the answer but it requires more than reaction to pattern. All you can do here is wait for the answer to appear. If you do it shows intention in what you are doing.

If you are able to get to all of the qustions then you might be conscious, so if you got to this point: congradulations; you're some kind of thinking thing!

Intention is related to understanding.
Understanding shows knowledge of experience rather than reaction to stimulation.
Intention shows application of understanding.
It's not enough to just react--a consciousness must intend what it does.