Subjective Experience

On the subjective experience:

This page is a unique experience for every user. Since there is a subjective experience for every consciousness, it makes sense that each user should expeirence this page subjectively. No two experiences are exactly the same and you can't know what the experience was for another user but you can know that there was an expeirence and what it was like.

There are a few flags that are set in the background and when you have preformed the appropriate actions (probably dragging the text around </hint>) you'll discover the question.

The ultimate goal is that you will leave the page thinking about the question and build off of this experience to find the questions on the other pages.

To be conscious means having something that it is like to be conscious.
There's an experience of being a conscious thing--something that it is like for the consciousness.
This means that the experience is subjective--unique--for each conscious thing.
You're experience--what it is like--even interacting with this text, is subjective. You can't know what it is for other conscious things except that there is an experience.