On Throught:

The Thought page looks and acts like the Subjective Expeirence page but like it says it requires some "thought" to get through. This time the user is presented with the question box right away and knows the visual cue of the red text to interact with. Clicking the red text shows other text that can be interacted with and reveals part of the question. Clicking in the right order and finding the pattern will reveal the whole question.

The goal is that you have to think to get to the question. Hopefully you will leave the page thinking about the question.

I played around with a few different clues on this page. Initially, when a word was clicked the entire sentence was red to give a clue about how to interact with the next page. I thought this was uneccessarily complicated and decided on the simplicity of keeping only one word highlighted. I guess it required thought to build too...

Consciousness requires thought.
To know that you are conscious, ask yourself: "What am I?" The answer is: "a thinking thing".
You have to think to answer the question.
The answer tells you not only that you think but that you exist, because asking the question implies a questioner, and the answer implies the questioner is a thinking thing.