On Understanding:

The understanding page tries to show that something conscious needs to understand rather than react to patterns. The last two pages spent time setting up patterns for the user to recognize (the red text, the draggable sentences) and this page implies that you have to fight hat impulse and do something differently.

Like Thought, it builds off the other expeirences but this time the red text is already there. Hovering over the red text does nothing; the bold text when hovered will highlight red and clicking will remove the sentence and replace it with a partial question box. When all the sentences are clicked, the partial questions can be dragged to form the whole section.

I'm wondering if this is too complicated or if I haven't given users enough clues or intuitive direction. Hopefully it conveys undererstanding that you need to do more than react to patterns.

Understanding is more than just simulation.
To be conscious something has to comprehend rather than react to patterns.
an answer
A simple simulation lacks the essential features of what is being simulated.
to just give
To be conscious something must be more than a simple simulation and really understand.
Is it enough