Colored Pencil



Although I work in a variety of media including acrylic and oil paints, pastels, charcoal, and opaque watercolors, colored pencil continues to be my favorite medium for capturing the movement of fur, and the distinctive facial expressions that reveal a pet's personality and character.


Crisp and realistic, colored pencils provide the "truest to life" look into an animal's personality. Each portrait is personalized per customer specifications, and drawn from existing photographs. Photo shoots are also available.


Pencil portraits are one of the more time consuming mediums, taking anywhere from 2 to 3 months to complete. Light initial sketches form the base layers, covered by 7 to 10 subesquent layers of color. I generally work dark to light, filling in the areas of deepest contrast first.


Pencil portraits are the most popular option among clients for their realism, and price. 8x10's begin at $200, and increase $50 in price with every size bracket ($250 for a 11x14, $300 for 16x20, etc). Consultations and house visits are free in the metro Milwaukee area. Additional animals in a piece costs an extra $25 per animal.