The arts have always brought up my interest, the visual arts appeared to be where my path was. I never actually tried performing arts, I'm sure my acting is awful and I know without a doubt I cannot sing. I took IB Visual Art at Ronald Reagan College Prep. High School. This is my second year at Cardinal Stritch University and am majoring in Art and Business with a certificate in Diversity Studies. I want to further my studies after my four years here are up, at the moment I am exploring the possibility of earning a masters in interior design.

Time and Web Based Media... no idea what I was signing up for last year when I added this class to my schedule. All I knew was that this is a required class for my major. Today, about 3 months into the semester I cannot wait for the next lesson. I find what people have been able to accomplish with technology astounding.

With no musical background and nonexistent vocal talent I created an audio composition using audacity and garageband. Currently I am learning the tedious elegant art of web design, the language of the web. I have always wondered how the internet and web pages functioned. And after this is video recording! After being exposed to this modern media I want to further study this medium.