About Me

I'm a Senior at Cardinal Stritch University currently taking my final classes this winter. I will be recieving two Bachelors degrees in Computer Science, and Music with an empisis in piano performance. I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin, and I'm looking for an internship/job in a Computer Science or software development field.

My main areas of intrest are "backend" programming, as well as front end web-design, although my skills allow me to work in a veriaty of different CS areas. I have done a veriaty of work using Java to code projects, and data structures. I enjoy a good challenge and I work extremely hard on my task, my goal making the end-users satisfied. I have a surplus of experience working in a veriaty of groups with different backgrounds and all have been secsessful in meeting our goals.

I also enjoy playing the piano and giving public performances. At the age of 8 I took lessons from my public school but I didnt begin entense study until the 8th grade. With one year of practice, from 7th to 8th grade I won the Mary Horwitt Piano Schalarhip at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, and since then have studied 2 to 4 hours of piano a day. I love listening to Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Tchikovsky, Rachmaninoff and the recent movie socre composers of the 20th and 21st century. The piano has always remained my form of art, and emotional expression, which is why I decided to keep my music major in college.